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Best software deals page is all about saving money. Yes, the best software deals, the magical deals, the deals you wish you knew about before they were gone. Get it! Come to this page often if you like saving $$, Mula, dinero, bread, etc. Saving money today is almost a religious type of need. Also, if you need software tools, I have a list of them; many are free. Just look at my Best Software Tools page

If an app is on this page, I believe in it and think it is the best deal, period. If you know of a better deal, please go to our Contact us page and let me know. I will check it out ASAP and add it here if I agree. Also, things could fall off the list that I have not found out about their change yet, and I can not control anyone but myself, which is suspect sometimes, LOL. Have a great day!

Best Software Deals #1 – Ubersuggest

As of 10-7-2022

Ubersuggest is currently offering a lifetime subscription for less than $500 bucks!

Yes, you read that right, lifetime subscription. Niel says he will use the money to add more tools. I personally already like Ubersuggest and use it daily. I also use ahrefs, but I prefer Ubersuggest because it is easy to understand, and I do not have time to waste. I go to Ubersuggest, check my audit, and fix it as needed since I have seven websites, something is always broken. Ubersuggest makes it easy to find and repair what broke, for example, 404’s error codes, etc. Neil does not have an affiliate program yet.  I added it to the best deals because I believe it is one of the best. And YES, I bought the lifetime subscription, duh!


Ubersuggest is offering Lifetime Subscriptions
Lifetime Subscriptions – WOW!

Best Software Deals #2 -Scalenut

As of 10-7-2022

Scalenut AI is currently offering 60% off their yearly plans, which is fantastic, and yes, I bought the annual plan just as I think you should.

Since I have seven websites, this is always handy; I use it daily. They also have a Chrome extension that allows me to use their AI to rephrase any paragraph just by lighting it. I write for a living nowadays.

That means, at times, I draw a blank and just cannot think of how to say something. That seems to happen much more than I would care to admit to or even like, especially since I am now 66.

So this tool comes in handy. If you want to read about it, check out my review on Scalenut AI, or you can just go look for yourself, and I would hurry before they take away the deal of the century, in my opinion. Still here, why? Or do you not recognize the importance of this.

Let me briefly explain. I used to have an account with writesonic. It is a pretty good package, and when I ran across this, I jumped ship that day. Yes, it is that good of a deal. The problem was I used to run out of AI words all the time.

Not my fault; writesonic and, most of all, the other AI writers just give you such a small amount of words you just run out quickly. Think about this as well; you have no control over the number of words it spits out. YES, they are in control, not you.

So when I saw that Scalenut gives you UNLIMITED AI words, I was hooked on that fact alone. However, you would want this software in your arsenal for thousands of reasons. Just read my article on Scalenut and read about some reasons you will wish to do this. But do it before it is too late.

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