Hello, my name is Timothy, most people call me Tim. I started this blog Molenapp.com because I am constantly looking for good products for myself and wanted to share my findings. It is growing all the time so check back any time you need a new gismo software product. You could call this a product review site.

The word Molen in dutch means mill. I chose that because I feel like I work all the time as in constantly and have been for the last 50-plus years.

I try to put together a very detailed analysis of the apps you will read about. I am also an affiliate and will make money if you click on a link and buy that product. This will not increase what you pay at all. I just get a small finder’s fee if you buy the product, most of the time very small.

But this helps me buy more of my gismo software too. I put in the time and you get the benefit of my time and effort.

For an example of how detailed I can get on something. I spent 8,000 hours studying the King James Bible. Since it is 750,000 words it takes a minute to read. The 66 books take even longer to understand what God is trying to tell all of us. I finally feel like I know something about God, but I am still learning daily. As it says in II Timothy 2:15 “Study to show yourself approved unto God”

I live by God’s laws so when I tell you something I truly believe it, I never lie.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far have a wonderful day, and may God bless you. Oh and if you are interested in the Bible and what God actually says in it, you should check out my other website NexusBible.com you will be surprised at what the bible really says.